New species of bird found in Indonesia

Zoologists from Trinity College Dublin have discovered a currently unrecognised bird species in a biodiversity hotspot in Indonesia.

The bird, which has been named the Wakatobi flowerpecker (Dicaeum kuehni), is found only on one small chain of islands in south-east Sulawesi.

Despite looking similar to the grey-sided flowerpecker (Dicaeum celebicum) from mainland Sulawesi, Wakatobi flowerpeckers are significantly larger and genetically distinct.

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Shetland bird migrated to Peru.

A tracking device which weighs less than a paperclip has helped scientists uncover what they say is one of the world’s great bird migrations.

It was attached to a red-necked phalarope from Scotland that migrated thousands of miles west across the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

The journey has never before been recorded for a European breeding bird.

via BBC News – ‘Unique’ bird migration discovered.

New species of bird discovered in central Peru.

The Junin Tapaculo was found in the remote cloud forests of the Peruvian Amazon by a team from the University of Kansas

Peter Hosner, a doctoral student of ecology and evolutionary biology, discovered the bird when conducting fieldwork in the little explored department of Junin, central Peru. Though originally discovered in 2008, the bird has been hard to identify as a new species due to its similarity to other Tapaculos. It was its unique call, however, that lead to its identification as something yet to be discovered… New species of bird discovered in central Peru | News | Wanderlust.